The Marseille Scrolls
(The First Jeanne-Marie DeNord Novel)



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In 2009, a cache of first century manuscripts was discovered in Southern France. Jeanne-Marie de Nord, the young Canadian translator on the archeological team, tasked with translating the hundreds of Gnostic and Christian documents, realizes that some of the scrolls are a woman’s personal journal. This may be the holy grail of archeology. The journal records a story that is hauntingly similar yet disturbingly different from what we think we know of the time. It’s a tale of learning, love, conspiracy and betrayal and raises many questions.

As Jeanne translates the scrolls looking for answers, all she finds are more questions. How did Aramaic scrolls come to be buried near Marseille? Who was this woman of the journal? What part did she play in the conspiracy to free Israel from Roman oppression?    What does the early Christian Church have to do with her? Why has her tale been suppressed for the last 2,000 years and who has been suppressing it?

If she doesn’t find answers soon, she may lose the chance forever. Others are closing in on the project and they are intent on burying the scrolls for another 2,000 years, and possibly Jeanne along with them.

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